Category: Moral Support

  • Wake up at 5 as per usual and be grateful that it is not 4:30 as some mornings. Go through all the usual motions of packing lunch and a few near impossible tasks such as putting sun cream on a toddler. Shower in under two minutes (as moms do, dirty people, us), and then proceed […]

  • Over and above the amazing skill of herding cats and the almost super-human ability to do really anything with one hand, also comes the peculiar and surprising ability to produce an array of noises, the range of which is so rich and varied, that it will leave you in awe of yourself. I’m sure this […]

  • Mind the Gap

    A small gap between teeth can be really pretty. Small gaps in salaries between men and women on the same level in the same organisation are good. Small gaps in sections of a railway are important to allow for rails to expand as a train runs on it. A small gap between you and your […]

  • Yesterday I stumbled upon an interesting article on how some companies are helping their employees to learn from failure. They are turning failure into fun and lessons that may lead to productivity in the future. For example – MomsRising is an organisation that holds weekly “Joyful Funerals” for campaigns that did not work. Then there […]

  • Why this blog?

    Why join the thousands of other “mommybloggers” out there? Because this blog is not only about the butterflies and the first steps and the hugs and kisses. It is also about what it is really like. When you speak to new parents and you reveal how incredibly hard this journey of raising little people can […]