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  • Toddler violence is ugly. This morning at 4:30am my 19 month old found a torch en route to our bed. She hit me on the head with it, then she put it in my eye socket and switched it on, screaming “Eye! Eye!” More like blind eye I thought, still stunned, and with my one […]

  • So, earlier this week, in my quest to remove the world’s ugliest ladybug tattoo from my ankle, I found myself inside a tattoo parlour… It was less fun than it sounds, since for the whole three minutes I was there, I felt disgustingly discriminated against. I must give you some context: I had not planned […]

  • This one is dedicated to my parents. Because only now that I am a parent do I understand. I want them to know so many things. But most of all I want them to know how they contributed to my retirement fund of memories. So here is a short list of some of my best […]