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  • You may not have children yet and you may be wondering if you are ready. Or you may have children and you are wondering if you are ready. I have come to the conclusion that if you work in an organisation with more than 100 people, then chances are you are more ready than you […]

  • As I switch off my car I can hear two little people roar like lions. I step out of my car and without being able to see them, I yell ‘I’m so scared of lions!” (Secretly I am really a bit scared of little people. But I face this fear every day. I am brave […]

  • Mind the Gap

    A small gap between teeth can be really pretty. Small gaps in salaries between men and women on the same level in the same organisation are good. Small gaps in sections of a railway are important to allow for rails to expand as a train runs on it. A small gap between you and your […]