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For when you visit Makaranga Lodge


And of course you must! Great food, vast gardens for little feet to run around in, a pool, jungle gyms and more. Why would you ever not?

This morning we decided to make our first trip to Makaranga Lodge, and this is how it went…..

We left the house both too late and too early, too late for the kids to not fall asleep, too early for them to not fall asleep. You know what I mean, with toddlers there is that precious window period during the day. Anyway, despite singing loudly all the way they drifted off.
Kev: Shit, now we are here but the kids are asleep.
The positive me: let’s wake them, they will love these beautiful gardens and the picnic basket. They can run and play while we drink wine and eat baguettes with some fancy pâté.

As we made our way down to the peaceful & pretty reception area the kids had their first full-on melt-down. They were upset at being woken up. Kai was upset that his helicopter was not there. Clearly we sucked and they wanted nothing of it. We dragged them, kicking and screaming, past the tasteful restaurant area, through the gardens and past a happy family of ducks (how do they control their kids so well?) to a rather secluded spot where Kev and I could throw copious amounts of wine down our throats. We soon realized this was not the ideal padded room we had hoped for and after the third family walked past staring in a very judging way, we moved to a spot close to the jungle gym. The move was not glamorous either. Kev carried the picnic basket + Kai, I carried the wine + Bailey and at one point I simply had to put her down to give my arm a break. The screams of “I want something!!” echoed through the valley. (My kids are fond of saying they want something or they want to go somewhere without being more specific, it is a new way of torture).

Anyway, I vaguely remember scooping Bailey up while declaring loudly “oh my WORD” with an old lady looking on in a disbelieving manner. I would have loved to see her face if I had uttered what was really on my mind. We ended up downing the wine so that we could rush home. So here are my tips for when you visit the beautiful Makaranga Lodge:

1) Don’t let your kids sleep in the car there. You much rather want them to sleep on the way back and you don’t want that upset-toddler-who-just-woke-up kind of drama.
2) Take friends with kids of similar age and also take balls (your own), plus whatever balls or toys you have in the house for them to play with. They don’t appreciate beautiful gardens yet. They just don’t.
3) If you have a (twin) pram and your kids,like ours, have broken legs and all other excuses on most days, then take it! For your sake and the sake of the other people eating there…..

Makaranga Lodge is located at 1A Igwababa Road in Kloof, you can contact them on 031 764 6616 or find them on Facebook.

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