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On the death of a mom

running towards the sun
I did not know Jess Nicholson well but I knew her well enough to say that she never seemed to complain and that she struck me as very brave. Her daughter was in my son’s class at school and she was like any other loving mom, only more.

I’ve been sitting on this post since hearing the news on Sat morning the 22nd March. I think what held me back was the realisation that she possibly passed away during a time of the morning that I was busy cursing under my breath for having to get up yet again for a crying child. This will sound kind of dramatic, but what a blessing to get up for a crying child. What a delight to seperate two fighting toddlers, to go to work dirty because of little hands and to have your clothes pulled all the way down to flash unwilling bystanders. What a privilege. This whole week has been different for me.

Jess, in my small way I want to honour you with this post. I hope people will read your amazing husband’s blog. Thank you for giving us perspective.

Your kids have gained an angel who can truly watch over them everywhere and at all times.

You can find the blog and fundraiser site by Simon Nicholson here:

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