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How the debate around Pick n Pay’s Stikeez may result in Hank being the most hated man in blogosphere & Larry being promoted to boss of the world


“Boss of our world” is how my 4 year old refers to president Jacob Zuma. Then the other night, while watching Paw Patrol, in which features a character named Zuma, he casually observed out loud how Zuma must then be both a boss and a dog. My husband and I cringed (out loud) and immediately told (read threatened) him to never mention this insight at school. Innocent. Dual meaning. You can see how this might play out, interpret as you like. The same is true for Larry-savant-genius who came up with the Stikeez concept. As Celeste mentions in her clever-hilarious post, he has indeed ruined shopping for many of us. But you have to admire the man too. The social media team at Pick n Pay must be constantly high-fiving each other (watch out Celeste, you may just receive a complimentary box of plastic crap soon).

While I would like to congratulate Larry on being a clever dick, what I would really like to comment on is Hank’s perception of a world where it is OK to shoot down people and get personal on a blog where personal opinions are being expressed without getting personal.

I would like to ask Hank if he has ANY IDEA how hard it is to raise kids? We don’t live in a village anymore you know and most parents do it alone. ‘Such a blessing’ is a disclaimer we all like to make, as if admitting to how hard it is, by default also would imply that we love them any less. Hank, have you ever had to explain to a 3 year old that your data has run out? And that, as a result, she cannot watch easter egg surprise videos on Youtube? After a hard day at work and very little sleep? Do you ever go home to work after work? The hardness of it all is what made me start my blog in the first place.  So that other parents out there would not feel so alone. So that, when you hide in your garage again after coming home from work, you can smile in the knowledge that you are not alone. Around the world thousands of other moms and dads are also hiding from their kids, in their garages, in bars, even in Pick n Pay.

And that is OK because we are human and unlike a generation of parents before us, we are allowed to speak up and admit that this parenting thing is incredibly super fucking hard. And that does not mean we love them any less. It is our way of reaching out and getting the support a village would have given us in a previous life. It also does not automatically imply that we will raise them as immoral delinquents. Celeste may have thrown a cake, I don’t know many parents who have not at one stage or another thrown something. Because at the very same time all of this is wonderful, it is a journey, a phase, a challenging lesson in how to be human and raise little humans. The incredible lightness of being (sometimes after wine, that most parents need). And if you, Hank, cannot hold these two opposites within you at the same time, then you are sadly missing out on so much.

If you have not been following the Stikeez debate go to for the original article and then to to read the response to Hank.

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