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In 2016 make the in between moments count

You know those moments where you are just going about your day and quietly, subconsciously, you realise how you have more than you need. How incredibly good you have it, even if you don’t always. It’s not a birthday, it’s not Christmas or new years or anything important. It’s the moments in between the big moments. I believe these in between moments are what you remember one day when you are old. These are the moments that count.

Bailey came through to our bed last night at 4am, asking that I scratch her foot. At 5am she wanted Kev to scratch her back. Then it was morning and we were all sleepy, sipping coffee, in our pj’s and watching Adele sing ‘Hello’ on TV. Bailey said she has a boy voice. Kai said she is floating for real. For real she is not, she is standing said Bailey. Well, she is a mom concluded Kai. Then the conversation moved to the wall clock Kai got for his birthday and how he can change time with it and Bailey said she needs to take it but that she will give it back soon soon just now. I was going to call this post ‘discussing Adele’ as it was such a random space in time when this simple realisation hit me again as it has many times before.

Such ordinary moments. So important to remember. These in between moments are no big events but they’re what life is made of. This very special, very important one life where our job is to raise happy kids.

In 2016 make the effort to recognise these moments, make them count. As you make breakfast, as you take your kids to school, when you bath them, when you get a angry or sad or sit for a second to just be grateful. Make it count because this is your life.

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  1. Pragtig. Ek het nou met ben soveel meer sulke oomblikke, of ek sien dit nou seker meer raak. Soveel rustiger as met isabella 9 jaar terug. Sien my meisiekind ook sommer weer met nuwe oë.

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