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The shortest blog post ever

260hIf you’re a parent of a young child right now, you might feel as if you’re living inside a Charles Dickens novel; “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times” (paraphrase). Never again will you experience so many paradoxical emotions all at the same time, never again will you know yourself this well – your boundaries, your character, how much you can handle. You are loving it but you’re oh so tired. You feel guilty for neglecting your spouse or friends, but they’re so frikkin cute (when they sleep). You want to spend every second with them and the next moment you feel so overwhelmed that you want to drive far, far away or disappear into a good book. You love the fiesty nature (that back-chat was particularly clever actually), but damn – how arrogant, manners down the drain?? I suck at being a parent?…

It’s a roller-coaster of emotions. It’s beyond scary, but it’s thrilling and you’re so proud of yourself when you’ve made it through another morning alone or another school run, or managed to have a date night that stretched beyond 8pm. High five me. High five us. Lean into it, immerse yourself in the good and the bad, as it is short lived. Right now you are cooler than Dora, more exciting than Paw Patrol and funnier than Teen Titans Go. Have fun dear parent.


  1. Hallo Karen, dit is goed geskryf!

    Ons is baie trots op julle. Geniet hierdie fase in die kinders se lewe, hulle word vrek vinnig groot…


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