2018 Be Like Diesel Constantly Running out…

The Jacksons’ guardian angel is standing on the corner between the two schools; La Lucia and Christopher Robin. He is leaning against that bin where the municipal guys are forever digging trenches, […]

Curley ‘k’ is for what the actual??

‘Curley K’ is for cancer. ‘Kicking K’ is for kak. ‘P’ is for PTSD. Clearly we are in that stage where our kids are learning to spell…. And learning about […]

Up and Down. Repeat.

Up I’m inappropriately proud of myself for getting three kids to school alive and dressed. I was determined to reach this goal and I’m on my way there! First milestone […]

HOME Affairs Yoh!

I arrive at the Marianhill licensing department at 6:20am. There is already a queue of about 50 people long (not counting old or pregnant people who, rightfully so, get to […]

Hairy knees & Mom guilt

I’m sitting in my car waiting for the school to open so that I can fetch child one and two. I stare down at my knees and notice how hairy […]

Cortisone Musings & Ramblings

I’m writing this while being on my second to last cortisone high. It is 3am, I’ve been awake since 1am and the one thing I’d love to do right now […]

Vote For Me!

I’ve gone and entered the SA Blog awards. Because life is short and you only live once right? Please click on the badge to vote. It’s the big red dot […]

What is cancer really like?

This is not a pity post, and once again, if you leave me any sad messages I will unfriend you 🙂 I write this so that people will know what […]

Chemo Brain

A real short explanation as my brain hurts for anything too long or too complicated. Let me explain chemo brain. Chemo brain for me is like having to play a […]

This is a story you can tell

This is a story you can tell You: “This poor mom I heard about, a friend of a friend knows her whole story, she has three young kids and was […]

As simple as squashing a Mosquito

As I put my naked head down to sleep I can hear that determined little fecker. He is one relentless mosquito. Why could he not just go where all the […]