Woes Rof

There just is no other way to describe the past few years. Only Afrikaans will do. It has been a ‘hare op jou tande en vere in jou hol’ kind […]

Practical Advice for My Kids

Never stop reading. Ever. Read carton boxes and packaging if you must, but even better; always have a book with you as you never know when you might have to […]

Car Dance

We pass in traffic and I see you. We briefly bump shopping trolleys to complain about the weather and work and routine (which I hate too), and I see you. […]

Just Randomly throw stuff

I feel kind of ashamed writing this post but I also feel it might help some of you, make you feel better about your lives and about being on earth […]


Hi, It’s been long. I was hanging out in the basement of rock bottom for a while there, which apparently also has its own basement. Which has a basement, and […]


2018; If this were the Middle Ages, you would be stoned to death. And I personally, I would have used those small over-priced tiny stones that we put in our […]

2018 Be Like Diesel Constantly Running out…

The Jacksons’ guardian angel is standing on the corner between the two schools; La Lucia and Christopher Robin. He is leaning against that bin where the municipal guys are forever digging trenches, […]

Curley ‘k’ is for what the actual??

‘Curley K’ is for cancer. ‘Kicking K’ is for kak. ‘P’ is for PTSD. Clearly we are in that stage where our kids are learning to spell…. And learning about […]