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Category: Random Thoughts

Letter to Tom

I’m concerned with death and therefore very concerned with life. How fleeting it is. In the early mornings, as you feed, I look at the outline of you and I […]

Things I lie to my kids about

As seen on Fb: “Because I’m an awesome parent, I’m currently helping my kids search for their chocolate that I ate last night”. That really is me. And not a […]

How to get your bed back

Hi, pleased to meet you. I am the sleep fairy. I get up at 4am daily to fulfil this role and yes, I can fly in the rain. It’s a […]

Forever a mom

I used to love airports. It is such a happy place, the starting line of many an adventure. A boyfriend once took me to the airport for a date. We […]

the parenting plan

Parenting courses are great. There is cake. You feel that you are bonding with others who are in the same pain. You swing between varying degrees of feeling slightly inadequate […]