Durban Moms’ Secrets

IMG-20130203-WA001Sadly, Durban does not offer much in the form of child-friendly restaurants. We recently went for breakfast with friends to a non-child friendly restaurant that had stairs leading onto a road and I nearly jumped off the balcony from sheer frustration. If you have the capital and you have knowledge of the restaurant business then please open something similar to Papachinos in Jhb. Until then, have a look below….

Dec 2015
As we explore I add to the list of places in Durban where parents can take their kids. This December seriously consider Lucky Linton Goldmine. I’ll not say too much, I will show you…

Lucky Linton 1


It is basic, which makes it ideal for kids. There is a stinky horse as my son calls him, who hangs around waiting for food, geese, some pigs and bunnies. Catching (and releasing) small fish is a lot of fun and there are basic braai facilities. Wear gumboots or old shoes as there is a lot of bird pooh around, but for an open space with fresh air where the kids can just run free and play you won’t find cheaper (R20 per person entry). Go to their website to make a booking:

Animals plus a big open space to run in plus good food. This is Burnedale Cafe in Salt Rock. I could live in Burnedale. I wish I lived in Burnedale.

The People’s Park Cafe and Playground at Moses Mabhida Stadium is great for breakfast or lunch. If you can get a table outside you will be able to keep an eye on your child playing on the amazing playground equipment:

The Primi Piatti in Ballito is surprisingly child friendly. I’m sure I don’t even need to mention the added benefit of their jam jars…..

Mr Funtubbles inside Gateway shopping centre is great for a rainy day:

There is always the Spur, but their wine glasses are ridiculously small. This is a real problem that needs to be addressed by the powers that be.

Best of all, the beach of course….


  1. I recently had an issue looking for resturants other than spur that has a play area for kids. We came across Oscars on essenwood road, Durban…although they may not have a play area…they have a video store section that has a table and chairs in this area with video’s for kids to choose from to watch…not too bad…also in Kloof there is that nature reserve that looks lovely…definately want to try that sometime…i think it is Makaranga…worth a try..


  2. Nappy rash fix: Mix equal quantities of the following 3 creams. 1x Multipeol, 1 x Nystacid(or any fungal/candida cream used for yeast infections – ask pharmacist) and 1 x bennets bum cream. Smother it on, works like a charm!!


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