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Category: For the Dads

How to get your bed back

Hi, pleased to meet you. I am the sleep fairy. I get up at 4am daily to fulfil this role and yes, I can fly in the rain. It’s a […]

On the death of a mom

I did not know Jess Nicholson well but I knew her well enough to say that she never seemed to complain and that she struck me as very brave. Her […]

Eyeball your child

Eyeball your child until you can see what is really important. Stalk them if you must… So Kev and I are planning a trip without the kids. We fondly refer […]

Madiba told his, now tell yours

My 20 month old daughter chews like my grandmother. My grandmother, who was an amazing person by the way, passed away when I was only 21 and so she never […]