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For my two year old, supper time is a power trip that will make Hitler look like an amateur. Not only does he manage to freak my poor husband out completely, he also holds the poor dogs in suspense by randomly throwing food or, I’m embarrassed to say, chewing the life out of it and then spitting it out for them to eat. If you have a fussy eater on your hands then plates your child can decorate might help (a little). He or she can for example use the sausage as a nose or potatoes as eyes or, if you are very lucky indeed, use brocolli as hair. And hopefully by making a game of it you will manage to get a little more than three spoons of yoghurt into them. You can find plates your child can decorate here:

Just because moms deserve to spoil themselves: I love the Cactisaur on sale at the time of publishing this. Also have a look at and for beautifully handcrafted gifts for people who babysit for you. And if nobody ever babysits for you then just purchase a gift to self.

Turn your little person’s drawings into postcards with labels from This is one of the best ideas I have come across in a long time. But then again, I have always loved letters and postcards. You may not feel as passionate about it, but I guarantee that the grandparent/aunt or uncle on the receiving end will. You simply stick the label on the back of said drawing.

Just really cool stuff for kids: Go have a look! Jools produces stunning prints, they make for beautiful gifts…

Communicate with the Tooth Fairy:
The link posted here is to the boys stationary set, but they of course have one for girls too. In our house we are yet to settle the debate about whether or not we will be making use of the tooth fairy or the ‘TANDEMUIS’. I think a mouse is way cooler. Either way, these stationary sets are really cute.

For children who loves nature, upload a photo of plants or creatures and connect with other members of the biotribe here: For the most beautiful kiddies bicycles around.

For unique, quality baby products go to this amazing online baby and toddler emporium: