Why this blog?

main imageWhy join the thousands of other “mommybloggers” out there? Because this blog is not only about the butterflies and the first steps and the hugs and kisses. It is also about what it is really like. When you speak to new parents and you reveal how incredibly hard this journey of raising little people can be, they often also admit the struggle and lament that ‘nobody ever told me’. Here we can talk about the good and the bad. About the days when you are so sleep deprived that your mind circles in on itself, those moments when you really just need to walk away and all the other stuff about pregnancy, childbirth and what comes after, that nobody ever talks about….

My intention with this blog is not to scare anyone (more than once I have been told that I’m a walking contraceptive), it is to create a safe place where parents can talk openly and see the humour in all of this, where we can laugh about ‘2am who will get up for that baby’ discussions. And where we can love our children even more – for better and for worse.