Memory retirement fund

This one is dedicated to my parents. Because only now that I am a parent do I understand. I want them to know so many things. But most of all I want them to know how they contributed to my retirement fund of memories. So here is a short list of some of my best memories….

My dad jumping out from behind this big tree in our garden. It was dusk and almost dark and I was crazy with fear and then crazy with relief and giggles.
My mom stroking my eyebrow.
Mousetraps around the swimming pool (a mousetrap is toast with cheese & chutney and a piece of bacon put on top to look like a mousetrap. Yes, once upon a time I did eat bacon).
The smell and sound of my Dad mowing the lawn on a Saturday.
My Dad sprinkling us with water or savagely ripping the duvet off to make us get up.
My Mom allowing us to do her make-up. Blue eye shadow….
Coffee in bed. Every morning.
Going on a road trip and having a braai in the middle of the Karoo in the middle of the night.
Sneaking out of bed with my brother to secretly watch ‘V’ from the hallway.
The silent togetherness of people reading and the love for books in general – excited trips to the library. The migration from Asterix & Obelix books to Agatha Christie to Dean Koontz.
My brother and I waking up to a glorious sunshine after the longest trip to our seaside holiday destination. My parents had carried us from the car to this bed with the most amazing view of the sun rising over the ocean….
When I was 20 my friend Ansu passed away. We had had an unresolved fight a week before. I got onto my bicycle and just fled. How my Dad came to find me. And how my parents just loved me through it all. (I count my early twenties as part of my childhood).
My Dad telling me to switch off my Walkman so that I can better appreciate nature, on one of our many drives between Graskop and Sabie.

These are some of my in-between moments and some of my defining moments. Now go and write yours down. And send it by mail or post to your parents. Because people need to know these things.