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Tag: wine

Captain Fantastic vs Mom Fan Tastic

Moments before watching Captain Fantastic at the cinema (where they now serve wine bless them), I shouted at Kai for jumping on the couch with a vienna in each hand. […]

Forever a mom

I used to love airports. It is such a happy place, the starting line of many an adventure. A boyfriend once took me to the airport for a date. We […]

For when you visit Makaranga Lodge

And of course you must! Great food, vast gardens for little feet to run around in, a pool, jungle gyms and more. Why would you ever not? This morning we […]

Reasons I drink wine

Let me start with the Flings. Or any food for that matter; food that I find everywhere. Stuffed into the deep dark corners of couches and car seats, under my […]

The Power of Intent

This is more or less how my mornings go: (for your sanity dear reader I only chronicle mornings with one of my two little people here) “If you don’t take […]