• Toddler violence is ugly. This morning at 4:30am my 19 month old found a torch en route to our bed. She hit me on the head with it, then she put it in my eye socket and switched it on, screaming “Eye! Eye!” More like blind eye I thought, still stunned, and with my one […]

  • In my opinion the word ‘parent’ should be replaced with the word ‘overwhelmed’. As in “congratulations on becoming newly overwhelmed”! Or “you are so good at being an overwhelmed person.” Or “being overwhelmed is hard at times but so rewarding and it gets even better over time” (this one is my personal non-favourite thing that […]

  • Great Expectations

    I’ve been thinking about Great Expectations a lot lately. The book, the version I saw on film, as well the new version that was recently released. I fantasize about watching it, but for me, as for most moms to little people, watching it in one uninterrupted session without another person on top of you and […]

  • Reasons I drink wine

    Let me start with the Flings. Or any food for that matter; food that I find everywhere. Stuffed into the deep dark corners of couches and car seats, under my pillow, inside toys and of course in the tupperware drawer. This is what my tupperware drawer looked like last week and it is what it […]

  • The Power of Intent

    This is more or less how my mornings go: (for your sanity dear reader I only chronicle mornings with one of my two little people here) “If you don’t take out your dummy to eat I’m switching off Cars. Ok, bye bye Cars”. (Switch off TV). “Give me the dummy. Please hide the dummy. Let’s […]

  • In 1417 a young man named Poggio Bracciolini discovered a thousand year old text that turned out to be the last surviving manuscript of “On the Nature of things” – a poem by Roman philosopher Lucretius. Because of his discovery and because of the actions he took after discovering it, this text changed the course […]

  • As a mom aka herder of cats, there are a few products that I really feel should exist. Perhaps, you dear reader, have the time, energy and expertise to make one of these and sell it to me? My first and most important product would be the 5 meter by 5 meter bed. A really […]

  • Perhaps I should start this article with a disclaimer; I love my children dearly. I do sometimes think about eating them, but at the same time I would happily die for them. Having gotten that out of the way I have a sentence that has jammed its elbows in so badly that it has to […]

  • So, earlier this week, in my quest to remove the world’s ugliest ladybug tattoo from my ankle, I found myself inside a tattoo parlour… It was less fun than it sounds, since for the whole three minutes I was there, I felt disgustingly discriminated against. I must give you some context: I had not planned […]

  • You may not have children yet and you may be wondering if you are ready. Or you may have children and you are wondering if you are ready. I have come to the conclusion that if you work in an organisation with more than 100 people, then chances are you are more ready than you […]